Episode (@episode_inspiration) 4 days ago

This is honestly so sad. I feel bad for all the victims and their family. That must’ve been an absolutely traumatising and horrifying experience, I can’t even imagine. . I usually post positive stuff, but this is real life, something we have to face and look in the eye. We all need to stick together. 17 innocent students died today. . Please take care of yourselves, and if you observe something different about one of your classmates, then don’t ignore it. It’s never to late to help. . I pray, for all the people who are getting killed, all the people who has to suffer the consequences for others, all the innocent people who got their future taken away. And this is not only about school shootings, but in general all the people who have to suffer. For fx Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and all the other countries who has been a victim to such a tragedy. . #episode #inspiration #florida #pray #17 #school #shooting #victim #gun #terror #highschool #help #reach #love #respect #horror #tragedy