Post by Eunyce Kim (@eunycekim)

last month

My first International Solo Trip. ********* #solotravel #bermuda I remember telling my mother that I was going overseas to Bermuda by myself and her first initial reaction was to panic. Going off on solo travels domestically was one thing but traveling overseas alone was simply terrifying to her. My life motto has always been to face one thing that I fear every day in order to grow and if you know me, I used to be afraid of everything. As the years went by and going/growing through life experiences — the good, the bad, I have learned to overcome so many of them just by traveling solo and meeting some amazing local people at these destinations. To get out of a comfort zone and limitation, and experience new sights and sounds with new faces and new places have been some of my happiest moments. Interestingly enough, when I returned from this trip, my mother had told me that all her friends were raving about how brave and cool I was to venture off alone and that it inspired them to do that one day as well — needless to say, my mother’s previous outlook on me traveling solo shifted an entire 180 degrees. As our generation is beginning to slowly mature as a whole, I strongly feel as though we have so many more resources and the self reliance and drive to be able to do and achieve anything we put our minds to. A solo trip truly is a trip for the soul and I hope that we can inspire our older and younger generations to do the same.