Aloette Skin Care/Cosmetics (@aloetteofc3) October 2017

I am blessed by the connections I made everyday through @aloetteofc3 and yoga. This babe @alexasilvaggio and I connected awhile back. I knew immediately she would be a heart friend. A heart friend is someone you connect with instantly and tune into each other. Alexa is incredible. She had a retreat scheduled this weekend in Napa and when the fires hit she had to think quick. Instead of calling it off (which would have been completely understandable ) she acted and booked @thecliffsresort ♥️I was honored to provide Aloette goodies for each guest who attended. It was amazing to see my dear friend Hiro @actionhiro and meet new friends John @iamjohnduff and Michael. Alexa taught a beautiful class this morning where we all choose an intention of “I am _____” I filled in the blank with joyful. I am filled with joy! Thank you Alexa!!! You’re a beautiful soul! 📷 @iamjohnduff