I Help Women Feel Less Sh*ty (@kimberlyweiss) September 2017

My mood for rest of the year. 25/30 #30daysofyoga Day 25 word is rushed. It felt rushed today even though it was a short video. Had a classic AHH it's monday I have to go go go. Not ideal, but that's life. Taking today one step at a time and not getting overwhelmed. Carrying on with my to do list today but most looking forward to a podcast interview later on. Did I tell you my podcast is coming? It is!! You can sign up for more info at the link in my bio. . . If anyone has ever had a conversation with me about fitness you will know that I do not like yoga. I like running, weights, occasional boxing - dare I say I even like doing burpees. I've done yoga (yes including the class you are going to say is AMAZING ) I am not a fan and I'm about doing what Feels good and I'm like EVERYONE STOP TELLING ME TO TO YOGA. but wait for it... I'm giving in. . . Following a whim, I'm going to do a #30dayyogachallenge. I'm getting message from my body right now that is telling me to slow down. I'm going to listen. I'm going to be doing a yoga video everyday and following a preset video stream. #namastebitches Kim hates yoga. Kim does yoga. ahhhh!!! 30 days in september = 30 days of yoga.