My Yoga Journey 💕 (@joanneyogasg) September 2017

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana ) Dhanu means bow and asana means pose in Sanskrit. Bend back into the shape of a bow, loaded, and ready to take aim. This pose is so called the "Bow Pose" because it looks like an archer's bow. Benefits for practicing this asana includes strengthens your back, opens your shoulders and chest, improves hip-flexor function; removes gastro intestinal disorder stimulates and help in sliming the whole body. It also gives good stimulation and flexibility to the back. However while trying to keep yourself healthy and fit, please also stay safe. Dhanurasana should feel like a deep stretch in the front torso. In your back body, your spine should be in full extension. However, should you feel any pinching or compression in the low back, lower the pose until you feel comfortable. Remember to alway start slowly and listen to your body as you progress. People with general debility should be cautious while performing this asana and only practice after expert consultation. Those with high or low blood pressure, serious lower-back or neck injury, best to avoid this pose. When in doubt with any health conditions, please consult your physician before engaging any asanas. #yogapose #beginner #beginneryoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #gratitude #motivation #relaxing #peacefulness #happier #bowpose #dhanurasana