Urban Zen Studio Swansea (@urbanzenyogamovement) September 2017

Hamstrings-the muscle group that our ego hates! Last week in Beginners Yoga people partnered up to help each other find some extra release. Tight hamstrings and tight hips can be a contributor to many back issues that people struggle with so our Beginners will continue to focus on these important areas this week 👍 Tuesday...... 6.30am Warm Yogability with Alecs 9.30am Barre workout with Emma 11am Mum & Baby Yoga with Menna 11am Chair Yoga with Robyn 1.15pm Beginners Yoga with Robyn 4pm Child Ballet with Hayley 6pm Contemporary dance with Mike 6pm Hot Yoga with Emily 7.15pm Barre workout with Emma 7.30pm Yoga with Ross In the Therapy room we have Emma offering Sports Massage and fertility massage therapy #beginneryoga #yogaforeveryone #yoga #yogastudio #swansea @path of.santosha