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"Marvel's Runaways" - Season 1 from the year 2017 (10 episodes, supernatural teen drama ) 🤗🎞 Six Los Angeles teenagers find themselves in when they stumble upon a terrible secret and realize that their parents have been lying to them for their entire lives. The offspring begin an investigation to try to figure out what their guardians are after, while the adults wonder if their kids are hiding secrets of their own. The unlikely crew of teens bands together to stop their parents before it is too late. 👦👧👧👦👱👧 Even before this show was released, I found the concept really interesting... and the show didn't disappoint me. The plot starts a bit slow, but only in order to introduce all the teens as well as their parents properly. I like the cast very much. All the teens have a great chemistry together and their dialogues are always fun to watch. My favourite character has to be Gert Yorkes, played by Ariela Barer. The parents are not all just evil, but have their reasons for doing what they are doing. Even though I believe some scenes with the parents are a bit unnecessary and should have been spend with the kids, all their characters are well established. I'm not sure what to think about the antagonist Jonah, played by Julian McMahon. I would have loved more information about him. But luckily a second season has already been announced and I can't wait to see how the adventures of the Runaways continues... 😍🎞 All in all, I would recommend this show to fans of teen dramas and people who like Marvel. RATING: 8,5/10 🏙🕵 #tvshowreview #marvelsrunaways #runaways #runawaysshow #virginiagardner #greggsulkin #lyricaokano #arielabarer #rhenzyfeliz #allegraacosta #anniewersching #julianmcmahon #jamesmarsters #angelparker #brittanyishibashi #evercarradine #kippardue #brigidbrannagh #kevinweisman #ryansands #marvel #marvelshow #marvelentertainment #runawaysreview #marvelsrunawaysreview #movielover #review