Josh Write Book (@joshvahvmphreys) September 2017

400 authors IN ONE BOOK? — THESE are the writers, poets, playwrights, painters, prophets, saints, soldiers, and singers, the philosophers, historians, and comedians that YOU are going to read in the second semester of The New Cavalier Reading Society. All 382 of them. — Over 6 years of constant reading I’ve recorded and compiled the best excerpts and quotations from the greatest and wittiest works of 3000 years of world culture. Some writers appear more than others—they are my biggest influences, and are certainly the writers and philosophers and poets whose minds and work I can teach you with the most depth. — Ruskin, Waugh, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Byron, and the books of Psalms and Proverbs make the most frequent appearances in Volume II. And these, along with the 370 other authors are the exuberant thinkers who you’re going to be reading in a single three-month semester of The New Cavalier Reading Society. — The New Cavalier Reading Society is what culture was like before the professors got to it. And after being myself immersed in this world of history, literature, philosophy and art for 9 years I’m now passing everything I’ve learned from them—including how to write 3 novels—on to you! — Two semesters of the best that has ever been written, said, or done, members of The New Cavalier Reading Society get the 600 pages of my Commonplace Book for free, as well as their very own New Cavalier Reading Society notebook. — AND for two semesters you’ll have a novelist as your tutor. With 2 live video tutorials per week, where we discuss with other culturally-minded individuals all that we’ve learnt, and more. — Enrolments open next week. Head to 👉🏻 to sign up for notifications now! — #newcavalierreadingsociety #letsrenaissancetherenaissance